EUSTACE Final results

The final results have been published and information on the various products is provided here.

Products (datasets):

Below the various products produced within the EUSTACE-project are listed. More background information on the products is given in the reports listed behind the products and in the Scientific User Guide (report 18; see list of reports below). How to get acces to the datasets themselves is described in the Product User Guide (report 19) and in the table of products (report 20).


(direct links included to the reports, if available already)

  1. Short report on availability of regular updates to source data sets with recommendations as to alternative data sources if needed (April 2015; WP1)
  2. Report on common approach to estimating uncertainties across all surfaces (August 2015; WP1)
  3. Uncertainties added to satellite data sets in CEMS (October 2015; WP1)
  4. Report on homogenised daily LSAT (October 2016; WP1)
  5. Gridded data product for Europe, based on the homogenised LSAT (August 2017; WP1)
  6. Global LSAT dataset with discontinuities identified where possible (February 2017; WP1)
  7. Report on the relationship between satellite surface skin temperature and surface air temperature observations for oceans, land, sea ice, ice sheets, and lakes  (April 2018; WP1)
  8. Lake temperature modelling evaluation (April 2018; WP1)
  9. Consistent set of air temperature fields and uncertainties across all surfaces (March 2019; WP2)
  10. Final, verified products delivered to CEMS for dissemination (May 2019; WP2)
  11. Validation report for surface temperature uncertainties (March 2016; WP3)             
  12. Intercomparison report for the intermediate fields inferred from retrievals (April 2018; WP3)
  13. Validation report for the intermediate fields inferred from retrievals  (August 2016; WP3)
  14. Intercomparison report for the final in-filled EUSTACE surface air temperature product (May 2019; WP3) 
  15. Validation report for the final in-filled EUSTACE surface air temperature product (May 2019; WP3)
  16. User requirement specification (for other WPs) (September 2015; WP4)
  17. Report on user workshop (March 2017; WP4)
  18. Scientific user guide (August 2019; WP4) 
  19. Product user guide (May 2019; WP4) and Step-By-Step guide Climate4Impact (July 2019; WP4)
  20. Connection of final products to data services (CEDA) (May 2019, WP4)
  21. Paper submitted for peer-review on overall EUSTACE project and key findings (May 2019, paper will appear here once accepted)

Peer-revied articles (all open access):

(direct links included to the articles)