In 2017 user consultation meetings were organized to inform potential users about EUSTACE progress, to show preliminary products and to collect feedback on the format and usability of the preliminary products.

During the first two rounds of user consultation in 2015 and 2016 useful feedback was collected for the design of the data products and the user guides. The results of the most recent feedback round are described in report 17 under EUSTACE final results.

November 27-29, 2017, Joint EUSTACE-GlobTemperature user consultation meeting

Location: Lisbon, Portugal, hosted by the Instituto Portugues do Mar e Atmosfera (IPMA)

Following successful ESA DUE GlobTemperature User Consultation Meetings (UCMs), a 5th consultation meeting has linked-up with the H2020 EUSTACE Project to deliver a joint workshop for the satellite and air surface temperature communities to share experiences and review developments with a particular focus on climate requirements. The aim of the EUSTACE Project is to give publicly available daily estimates of surface air temperature since 1850 across the globe for the first time by combining surface and satellite data using novel statistical techniques.

By bringing the satellite and modelling communities together the meeting aims to cultivate communication between users and data providers, providing a forum to develop strategies and collaborations to maximise the uses of surface temperature data for the long term.


All presentations and posters can be downloaded from the following website:

Individual presentations on EUSTACE and related users can be found below:

Monday November 27 Session 1: EUSTACE overview

Tuesday November 28, Session 3: Case studies on extreme events
Tuesday November 28, Session 4: EarthTemp session on relationships (sea, land, ice, lake, air) at margins
Tuesday November 28, Breakout session 1: Continuity of climate quality air temperature records
Results and conclusions

April 24, 2017 8:30-12:00, Vienna

Splinter meeting at the EGU-conference (for EGU-participants): Session nr. MP21, room 0.51, User consultation on preliminary EUSTACE-products.

During this user consultation meeting presentations were given on the methods used and progress within EUSTACE and on how user feedback is used in the design of the data products. In the second part of the session we discussed the results and collected feedback from the participants.