WP5 Science leadership



T5.1 Scientific coordination of EUSTACE
T5.2 Co-ordinate interdisciplinary and cross-cutting activities
T5.3 Management of scientific risk
T5.4 Advisory Board management
T5.5 Participation in scientific decision making bodies
T5.6 Participation in EUSTACE General Assembly meetings


Carry out the scientific coordination and monitoring work packages, work package leaders and project progress milestones. This task included verifying the quality, consistency and timeliness of the work and deliverables. It also included reviewing the scientific element of the reports and deliverables to be submitted to the European Commission (EC). Co-ordination of the interdisciplinary and cross-cutting activities and themes within EUSTACE is necessary in order to maximise use of the scientific and innovative research within the project, ensure it meets the needs of the users, avoids duplication of effort and identify any gaps.

Ensure the appropriate level of consultation with the scientific Advisory Board. It was essential that the project received independent advice and feedback from the Advisory Board, especially in relation to the direction of the scientific research and application. This task was led by the EUSTACE Science Coordinator to ensure that the consultations with the Advisory Board were organised and co-ordinated in an efficient and effective manner, and that advice given was reviewed and acted on appropriately.

All partners met at the four planned General Assembly meetings. The purpose of these meetings was be to discuss progress and issues regarding the project (especially with respect to the project plans) and make any necessary consortium decisions.