T4.1 User interactions: requirements, entraining of trail blazers, discussion workshops
T4.2 Documentation: product user guides, website, peer reviewed papers
T4.3 Data package assembly and data provision (via CEMS)
T4.4 Attendance at scientific conferences


Ensure that two way communication is established, so that EUSTACE is informed by user needs and provides the most useful end products and documentation. Workshops were run throughout the project, with a diverse selection of international users each time.  The project was explained to them and they helped to identify requirements. A small group of “trail blazer” users was identified to provide specific expert input, and they also had early use of “example data” and trial products to provide feedback on.  A formal description of the essential requirements was prepared to inform the other work packages.

Documentation of EUSTACE in a number of different ways and for different purposes/audiences.  Documentation includes: user guides to explain the products, processing and services, and a web site which acts as the public interface of the project.  Another important aspect of documentation is metadata; this is created to ensure the final data sets can be ingested into the appropriate catalogues and services.

Delivery of the final data sets into a long-term archive where they are discoverable and accessible via the pre-existing data and catalogue services managed by STFC CEDA. The finalised product design and quality control software developed in WP2 informs this work to ensure that data and metadata are correctly structured and formatted. Publication of data sets using Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) is undertaken on version 1 of the completed products and provision is made for handling changes that trigger new versions.

Dissemination of EUSTACE results through attendance at conferences.  This took place throughout the project, and acted to promote the project more widely, as well as informing those already aware of it on the progress. This aided collaboration with other projects and assisted in successful and widespread exploitation of the results.


(links to the publicly available reports can be found under EUSTACE final results)