EUSTACE users: why specific pages?

This part of the web site is for potential users of the final EUSTACE products. Results produced by scientific projects often aren’t directly in the format that can be used by others. Processing or translation is needed for many (potential) users, generally. This is also true for the information provided about a project on a website: potential users are experts in their own field of work, but they may have limited knowledge of climate data.

What is EUSTACE?

EUSTACE gives publicly available daily estimates of surface air temperature since 1850 across the globe for the first time by combining surface and satellite data using novel statistical techniques.

The EUSTACE project used new statistical techniques to provide information on higher spatial and temporal scales than available before, making optimum use of the information in eras with many satellite temperature measurements (skin temperatures) and many temperature measurements at meteorological stations (air temperatures). EUSTACE undertook this work between January 2015 and March 2019.

This part of the EUSTACE website gives you more information on: