Presenting the EUSTACE project at the Climateurope-festival

From April 5-7, 2017 the Climateurope festival was organized in Valencia, Spain. Climateurope aims at, among others, to coordinate and integrate on-going and future European climate modelling,  climate observations and  climate service infrastructure initiatives. Since I’m involved in both EUSTACE and Climateurope I took the opportunity to present EUSTACE at this festival at the “Market place”. The weather was really pleasant in Valencia, therefore this “market place” was outside in “Las Naves”, not far from the harbor. During lunch and coffee breaks the participants enjoyed the good Valencian food and also took the opportunity to get information on the various projects presented. I had some nice talks with people from among others Spain and who didn’t know our EUSTACE project yet. The publicly available time series on daily temperatures is relatively limited for Spain, and EUSTACE could be an alternative source for temperature data for them.


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